About Us


Squeaky Clean Rugs is the most renowned and trusted home improvement company in Melbourne. 

Our team offers special cleaning services, customized as per the material of the rugs, carpets, and mattress and  other belongings. Moreover, the professionals of our team also offer pest control services. The solutions and products we offer in our procedures are non-toxic and completely safe for your family, pets and employees. 

We provide 24X7 on-site services to add more convenience to you. So there’s no need of sparing time from your busy schedule to drop the belongings at our workshops. All the cleaning can be done quickly at your home itself.

Just call us at our 24X7 helpline number on 0488 849 499, our team will arrive your doorstep to provuide you with the best-in-class cleaning and extermination services across all Australian cities. 

Some of our specialities include:

  • Same day service 
  • Eco-friendly methods 
  • Instant query response
  • 24×7 services 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Best-in-industry equipment and products