Are You Properly Maintaining Your Carpet?

If you want to increase the life of your carpet then you have to clean your carpet. You have to focus on priority about the foot traffic area. Regular soil coming on the carpet along with the feet will destroy the fiber of the carpet. You should have to also focus on the stain over the carpet. Stains which come over carpet you should have to focus on immediately otherwise it will damage your carpet. You should have to always care about your carpet, if your carpet is germs free then your health is always good. Mostly maximum stains come from written below.

Properly Maintaining Your Carpet
  • Juice or wine  also called (Red Beverage)
  • Blood
  • Urine 
  • Thick foods

If you want to maintain your carpet well then you should have to focus on the dirt or stains which comes over the carpet. Maximum carpet is in warranty of five to twenty years. If you know about the warranty of the carpet otherwise read the manual book which you get while buying the carpet. From that call the carpet cleaner and remove the stains from the carpet. The Professional has methods to clean the carpet.

  • Vacuuming schedule of your carpet

In a month you should have to make a schedule to clean your carpet at five to six times. By doing this the soil or dirt particles come along with the feet and other harmful bacteria. This type of germs and bacteria harms your health. So vacuum your carpet at the regular interval of time.

  • Carpet cleaning with the help of the professional

You do not have to hire a professional carpet cleaner for every carpet cleaning. You should hire a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne twice the year, which will help you clean the carpet from stains and dirt from the carpet. The professional carpet cleaner has the machine that cleans all the stain and dust from the carpet. They mostly use the aqua green vacuum cleaner which is friendly with nature and good for health also. 

Professional Cleaning Services
  • Carpet coating which is protective for the carpet

When you buy the carpet, there is the offer at the time of buying the carpet. Offer like coating, which will increase the life of the carpet this will enhance the carpet from the dust and keep the carpet bacteria free. Coating of the carpet is regularly changed after analyzing the condition of the carpet and this coating changing process is done after buying the carpet for two years. Common carpet coating is 3mm of dupont Teflon and scotchgard along with some ingredients. This carpet coating is always observed by servicemen who come to clean the carpet or come to do the service. The coating which they are using to coat the carpet is to do both the resistor from the dirt and soil. Vacuum cleaner is the object which can easily clean both dirt and soil from the carpet and it will don’t damage the fiber of the carpet.