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Have you been noticing colourful dots on the carpets? These dots can be mould particles. Mould, a fungi attack wet carpets and impact human health badly. In mould removal Perth service, our professionals use a variety of products and tools to eliminate fungi.

Squeaky Perth carpet cleaning is a reliable company that is preferred by businesses and residences. We have a pool of loyal customers that choose our service whenever required. When it comes to the workforce, we stand second to none. Our cleaners are experienced. They prepare the best cleaning plans and execute them wisely.

The pricing is kept in an affordable range so that maximum numbers of people are able to take the advantage of our service. To hire a mould removal specialist Perth, you can contact us. We would let you know the price of the service after understanding your requirement.
carpet Mould Removal Services Perth

How to Identify Mould on Carpet? 

Sometimes, mould goes unnoticed because people don’t have much knowledge about it. But, you don’t have to face problems. Have a look at the signs of mould:

  • A musty smell comes from the carpet when the fungus is present on it.
  • The colourful fuzz on the carpet could be mould.
  • You would suddenly notice a sudden increase in allergies and infections because of mould.
  • Mould could spread easily. The fungus would spread to furniture, walls and other places.

Benefits of Mould Removal Perth Service 

There are several benefits of mould removal services Perth. To know more about them, read the below points:

Quick and Hassle-Mould Removal

Quick and Hassle-Mould Removal 

Fungi could spread rapidly within a few days. So, it is crucial to get rid of it as soon as possible. By booking professional carpet water damage cleanup service, you are able to get quick relief from the problem. The experts use relevant cleaning products and destroy the mould.


Professionals Use their Knowledge 

Trained experts know about mould types, fungi behaviour and causes of mould formation. That’s why; they can treat the problem with ease.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits 

The symptoms of respiratory problem like asthma could worsen because of mould. Moreover, skin infections increase because of fungus. To safeguard health from the ill effects of fungus, you need to clean the carpets regularly.

What Attracts Mould? 

You would often notice mould on wet surfaces. Because of water leakages, rainfall or wet shoes, the moisture content in a carpet increases. Moisture, warmth and improper sunlight could attract mould. The spores present in the air grow into mould filaments soon after getting favourable conditions. If you want to reduce the chances of mould growth, then you should look for ways to reduce the moisture.

How do We Eliminate Mould? 

Our carpet mould removal Perth team adheres to a systematic process while cleaning the carpet. The contaminated carpet is always checked in the beginning. Once the inspection is done, we carry on with the cleaning process.

Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are perfect for removing mould particles. We use a scrubbing machine to scrape off the particles and then collect them with a vacuum cleaner.

A solution that kills the mould is applied over the rugs and carpets. Then, the product is left on the material to react. Once the fungus is killed, we remove the residue and dispose it of carefully.

Same Day Mould Removal Services Perth 

Now, there is no need to feel embarrassed because of a mouldy carpet. Whether it is a public holiday or weekend, we would provide you the treatment within 24 hours. In cases like flooding or sewage spills, it could be hard for the property owners to wait for the experts. They need quick and reliable services in an emergency. In our company, you just have to call us and we would send our team to your home.

Affordable Services Offered by Us 

Squeaky Clean Rugs is known to provide a fantastic range of services related to carpet cleaning. Carpet mould removal Perth is one of our popular services. We could eliminate mould quickly by using the right products and machines. To provide such exceptional quality service, we don’t even ask for a high price. If you want the quote for the service, simply get in touch with our team.

Frequently ask questions

It typically takes 4-6 hours to complete a mould removal job. We use the latest technology and equipment to identify and remove the mould. We also take care to prevent any further damage from taking place in your home.
Yes, we offer commercial carpet mould removal services that are tailored to meet the needs of businesses. We have the experience and knowledge to take care of any type of carpet and the equipment that we use is top notch. Contact us today for a free consultation so that we can get started on your mould removal project.
We use a variety of methods to ensure thorough and effective mould removal from carpets, including but not limited to: steam cleaning, hot water extraction, ozone treatments and chemical agents. We always take the time to assess the situation and tailor our approach to your carpet's specific needs.
We understand that having mould in your carpets can be a big issue and we are here to help. We use the latest technology to remove mould from carpets, making the process as quick and easy as possible. We also have a team of expert carpet mould removal Perth specialists who can help with everything from understanding your specific situation to carrying out the removal.

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