Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

Carpet Stain Cleaning Melbourne

Different kinds of stains could only ruin the appearance of the carpet. To remove these spots, you need to seek professional help. When it comes to carpet cleaning in Melbourne, our company is considered the best. We use the most effective products and techniques to eliminate stains.

At Squeaky Melbourne carpet cleaning, we ensure customer satisfaction by offering top-quality services. In our company, we hire specialists that have several years of experience. Our team is well-armed with various tools and products that could be beneficial in deep cleaning of the carpet.

Our company operates 365 days a year. We also work on weekends. If you want our help with carpet cleaning, then you can contact us.
carpet stain cleaning

Different Types of Carpet Stains 

After every few months, you would find various kinds of stains on the carpet. Our services could help you in getting rid of the following kinds of spots:

Blood Stains

Due to unfortunate injuries, stains of the blood are formed on the carpet. These spots are harmful to health as they can spread infection.

Vomit Stains 

Isn’t it common for babies or elderly people to vomit on the carpet? These incidents can’t be controlled but you can get the stains removed by the Wet Carpet Cleaning Melbourne experts.

Food and Beverage Stains 

Coffee, tea or food particles could leave some horrible stains on the carpet. If you want the carpet to stay clean, then you should book the stain removal service.

Shoe Stains 

Mud particles, dust particles, allergens and other impurities carried by the shoes could spoil the carpet. To treat shoe stains, you need to seek help from professionals.

Why Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne Service is Important?

Leaving stains on the carpets or rugs could have negative consequences. The spots could affect the aesthetic value of the carpet. Expensive carpets could become permanently damaged because of the stains. That’s why it is crucial to remove the stains regularly.

Some stains like blood stains and urine stains could be dangerous to health. Various kinds of infections spread because of such stains. In order to prevent the side effects on health, you should reach out to professionals. They use deep cleaning techniques like carpet steam cleaning Melbourne to remove the stains properly.

What Happens in Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne?

Our professionals are qualified and certified. They have knowledge of all types of products and methods that can remove stubborn stains. Here is what our cleaners do:

carpet stain removal

Evaluation of Damage 

Various details such as carpet type, stain type and severity of stains are collected in an inspection. Cleaning plan is based on the details collected in the assessment.

carpet stain removal


We don’t use basic vacuum cleaners. We use machines that have HEPA filters in them. The vacuum cleaner prepares the carpet for stain removal treatment. Skin flakes, pet hairs, allergens, dust particles and many other tiny elements are collected with help of a vacuum cleaner.

carpet stain removal

Spot Treatment 

The cleaners apply the stain removal products on the spots and rub them. The stains fade away within a few minutes.

carpet stain removal

Deep Cleaning 

Methods like steam cleaning, hot water extraction and shampooing are used to clean the entire carpet thoroughly.

carpet stain removal


Once the stains are removed, the carpet is dried properly with help of fans and dryers.

These are the steps that we generally follow during the process. If you want to hire experts for carpet cleaning in Melbourne, then feel free to contact us.

Ways to Prevent Carpet Stains 

Prevention is better than cure. The following methods could be used to prevent stains:

  • You could place rugs on the carpet. This tip is useful for preventing stains when you have babies or pets at home. Even office owners can get the rugs for the cafeteria area.
  • Always avoid eating or drinking on the carpet.
  • If any liquid or solid stuff falls on the carpet, wipe it off immediately to avoid the formation of stain.
  • You can trust DIY methods for quick fixes. But, make it a point to book professional service at least twice a year.

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Squeaky Clean Rugs have a brilliant team that could eliminate all kinds of spots from the carpet. Whether you are a business owner or house owner, get in touch with us to get a sparkling carpet.

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