Reasons Behind The Recurring Carpet Stains

Preventing stains from appearing on the carpets is quite difficult. Because not everyone can exclude time from their busy schedules to keep their carpets in a clean condition. Most people get frustrated because there are stains that keep coming back on their carpets, and carpet pads play a major role in it.

Carpet pads are made of porous foam material which quickly attracts humidity and dust. Footprints also cause dirty marks on the carpets. There might be many reasons behind stains on the carpets but there is a solution to every problem as well. By following DIY tips you can get rid of any type of stain from your carpets or you can hire a professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane provider for more help. 

The Recurring Carpet Stains

Here are The Reasons Behind The Recurring Carpet Stains

  • Spills:

    Spills are one of the root causes of stained carpets. And it happens when we rarely pour coffee or drink on the carpets and sometimes when it accidentally spills over on the carpets. Spills will damage the carpet, depending on the amount of liquid found within.
  • Pets:

    Carpet stains come back because of our pets too. Pets nails are usually dusty, and it leaves dirt stains on the carpets while walking on the carpets. Pets fur also contains dirt and little insects that accumulate when they sit on the carpets. Pets even urinate on the carpet several times which is the main cause of damage to the carpet.
  • Walking With Shoes On:

    When you tread the dirty shoes on a carpet on the dirt accumulated under your shoes, adhere to the fibers of the carpet and stain it. People don’t always consider those things like not walking on the carpet with shoes on in a hectic daily life. 
  • Moulds:

    The germination of molds grows rapidly inside the carpet fabrics when it becomes completely soggy for over 48 hours. And it later leads to dirty stains that also spread odours. Moulds cause problems with the skin, too.

Removing Moulds From Carpets

How Squeaky Clean Rugs Can Help?

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