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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning – An Innovative Way to Clean your Carpet……..!!!

Carpet Steam Cleaning involves the use of vaporized water to clean your carpets. There is a machine that looks somewhat like a vacuum cleaner which is used to apply vapor heated to a very high degree. As soon as the heat comes in contact with the carpet fibers the dirt in your carpet breaks down and you receive a highly cleaned carpet. We deliver our Carpet Steam Cleaning service at homes and office and other commercial regions. We have experienced team to work in any situation. They do not leave until their customers are completely satisfied with their job.

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

What are The Benefits of Using Carpet Steam Cleaning Services?

Steam cleaning does not require several numbers of equipment to clean your carpets or rugs. Rather it includes a simple technology and concept that is pretty easy to understand.

Some of The Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning are As Follows:

  • Tough Stain and Dirt Removal- The hot vapor from the steam machine hits the stained fibers of the carpet and settles down. This gradually weakens the stain and dirt bonds of the things that hold onto your carpet fibers. After the dirt and stain get weakened, it becomes much easier to remove them. The concept is the same as in case of washing dirty clothes in warm water to remove dirt faster and more easily. The vapor can reach the deepest part of the carpet which in turn offers better cleaning than shampooing or vacuuming.
  • Get Rid of Mites and Bacteria – Fungus, bacteria, mites, mold and similar other pests enter your carpet. Removing them with the help of conventional cleaning technique is not easy, and the end result is often not satisfactory. Some of the bacteria or funguses are left behind even after putting in extreme efforts to kill them. But we use steam cleaning for your carpet where the invaders can be killed as soon as they come in touch with the extremely heated vapor.
  • Zero Pollutants – There is a misconception among people that cleaning the carpet intensively will cause damage to its fibers. But the steam cleaning method does not cause any damage to your carpet. Steam cleaners do not use any shampoo, dishwashing detergent or other solvent and chemical to clean your carpet; hence there is no chance of damaging it. Rather the steam cleaning process sterilizes pollutants that are present inside your rugs or carpets.
Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Services
Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

How to Use Carpet Steam Cleaners?

  1. Move Any Object Present On The Carpet: –
    After you hire carpet cleaners to get your carpet cleaned, you must move your furniture so that we can access the entire carpet with our cleaner. This will not only make the process of cleaning dirt and stain faster but also protect the furniture and décor from damages. We also have handheld small size Carpet Steam Cleaning countertops in kitchen and bathroom.
  2. Vacuuming The Floors: –
    We will use a normal vacuum cleaner on the surface of the carpet before applying the steam cleaner. The top layer of dirt and dust gets removed in this process, and steam cleaner can concentrate on removing deeper grime and stains. Moreover, the steam cleaner will work better on a vacuumed carpet.
  3. Adding Cleanser and Water in An Adequate Amount: –
    The container of the steam cleaner is filled with cleanser and hot water. You can also use shampoo or a mild detergent for the cleaning work. We do not use too much quantity of soap as that can be harmful to the fibers of your carpet.
  4. We Start Cleaning from The Corner: –
    We initially figure out the exact position from where we should start cleaning the entire room. We start cleaning from one corner and move straight so that the steam cleaner does not miss any stain or dirt on the carpet. We complete one room before moving on to the other room carpet.
  5. Drying The Carpet: –
    After we finish cleaning with the steam cleaner, we leave it to dry for some time before shifting back the furniture of the room or walking on it. We resin the floor properly and offer plenty of time for it to dry up. Walking on a wet carpet can make it dirty again.
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaner
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaner

Whom to Trust?

Carpet Steam cleaning is an advanced way of cleaning your carpet and giving it a fresh look that you will love to walk on and use. The carpet will also smell good, and your guests will love it. We offer our service at an affordable rate as compared to our competitors. In this advanced era technology has entered into every sector and therefore we use the latest equipment to deliver quality work. We at Squeaky Clean Rugs understand your love for your carpets. Carpets are bound to get dirty with time hence must be cleaned after regular intervals. We at Squeaky Clean Rugs take up the responsibility to clean your carpet within a promised time period. We arrange for appoints at any hour of the day according to your choice and comfort. We discuss the work and the costing involved in the process. You can also contact us at 0488 849 499 and get your quotes for free.