Mughal Carpets

A Mughal Carpet – The word “Mughal” aroused from a cacology of the term “Mongol”(/ˈməʊɡ(ə)l/). According to the chronicle data, Barbur (1483-1530) is considered the first Mughal ruler. Carpet (/ˈkɑːpɪt/) is a floor covering, woven with thick knitted fabric. In the first time of the historical moment, Mughal carpet term was used in 1526 when Zahir-Ud-Din Babur overpowered Ibrahim Lodi. Ibrahim Lodi was the Sultan of Delhi during the battle of Panipat. The most advanced representatives of Mughal Carpets came under the domain of Jalal-Ud-Din Akbar (1556-1605). Akbar (The great Mogul Emperor) introduced the fine art of Mughal Carpet Weaving in India. In the Akbar’s domain, Mughals brought Persian Carpets to Mughal’s Courts as Persian Carpets were too delicate and handmade goods by professional craftsmen. Mughal Emperors used these Persian Carpets in Mughal royal courts and mansions to beautify the Court’s floor. After some time, Persian Craftsmen were also brought to India from their homeplaces as they know Carpet Woven techniques very well. Later, Akbar established the centres of carpet weavings at Lahore Agra and Delhi.

Initially, Persian Carpets presented the dignity of Persian Styles and its culture but gradually Persian Craftsmans started to weave their carpets with the Indian styles as they were truly influenced by the Indian culture. Because of these new additions with weaving art, carpets became more popular in the trade of India. Also, the business was started with the diversity of Carpets. As time passed, the fine art of carpets was actually preferred by the people of other regions and became the extreme demands among people. These carpets were started to be made for Mughal rulers and to be sold in Mughal Emperor. These Mughal Carpets had unique patterns and designs with a high standard of weaving knots. Antique Mughal Carpets or Rugs became famous worldwide and gave luxurious looks to the courts and mansions as well. 

During Mughal emperors, Carpets were made with the instructions of Shah Jahan and Jahangir who were also the great rulers of Mughal Emperors. Indo-Isfahan also permitted the Islamic concepts to design on the Carpets and rugs. But in Agra, Carpets had Indian style that shows the dignity of Mughal rulers. Gradually, these Mughal Carpets got the finest and most well-made quality under Shah Jahan’s reign. At this time, Mughal Carpets showed the new aesthetic look and classical phase of Mughal Emperor. During this period, Mughal Carpets were considered the most outstanding aspects of textile productive items in India under the Mughal dynasty during the 16th and 17th Century. 

These Carpets had Mughal naturalistic designs, essentially tropical shrubs and flowers. Some of them can be seen as the royalty of the Mughal period. The Mughals Period was inspired by designs of Herat, Kashan, Kirman and Esfahan. Mughals were inclined to facilitate the production of Mughal styled carpets through the Mughal Aspects. The productivity of Mughal Oriental Carpets is completely inspired by Mughal regions, trade and culture.

Now, these Carpets are well known because of their unique designs which shows the realistic attributes of the Mughal Period. In specific places like Jaipur, Agra, Kashmir and Bhadohi, carpets weaving centres were established. The naturalistic design of Mughal carpet shows the value of the Mughal dynasty, which can be also seen in the painting of the Mughal Period. Court art is also typically viewed on the antique Mughal Carpets. Usually, these Mughal Carpets have a royal, magnificent aura reminiscent of the supreme greatness of Mughal Carpet. As well as, Emperor Shah Jahan can be considered the father of Mughal Carpets and Rugs. Shah Jahan conquered immense areas of Agra and also established the Taj Mahal as well as he organised the tradition of Carpet weaving centres in Agra.

Mughal Carpets are available in the market with the availability of several sizes such as (60cm x 90cm), (75cm x 120cm), (90cm x 150cm) (120cm x 180cm), (150cm x 210cm), (180cm x 270cm), (240cm x 300cm) and (270cm x 360cm).

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