What to Do Once your Carpet is Cleaned?

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important things. Carpets are the most essential components of a decor and they must be well maintained. There are many professional carpet cleaning Melbourne agencies that clean the carpets for both commercial and residential needs.  After your carpet is cleaned professionally, it is essential to take few precautions because even a small mistake can ruin all of the hard work.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Here are Some of The Measures You Should Take After Getting your Carpet Cleaned

  • Do Not Walk Barefoot –

    You should never walk on carpet with your shoes but should not go even barefooted as well. It is because the natural oils present in your skin can leave dirt on the carpet. This is caused by the oily residue. It makes your carpet vulnerable as it absorbs dust and dirt. It is advisable to wear socks or slippers at home. Moreover, the home slippers should not be used outside at all.
  • Do Not Rush to Walk –

    Many people make the mistake of walking over the carpet just moments after a professional clean-up. Do not rush; wait before you walk over it. When the carpet arrives, there is a lot of moisture content in it. You should wait 24-36 hours for it to get dry. Even if you have cleaned the spillage, you should allow it to dry well.
  • Clean The Spots or Spills Immediately –

    Do not be lazy, whenever there is a spill on carpet, clean it as quickly as you can. The more you let it stay, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  • Do Not Rub While Removing Stains –

    When you rub while removing the stains, it results in soaking of the spill deep inside the carpet fabric. That’s why you should blot instead of rubbing. Blotting absorbs the spill in a very efficient manner. You can use a clean cloth or a carpet spot cleaner for stain removal. If they do not work, then a dish detergent is your best bet.
  • Vacuuming –

    Carpet should be regularly vacuumed. Even if the carpet is looking healthy, you should still do vacuuming. Vacuum eliminates minute dirt and dust particles. They are very effective in removing pollutants. The frequency of vacuuming should be 10 days.

So here are the things you should keep in mind after cleaning your carpet. If the above tips do not yield results then kindly get it checked by professionals.