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Steps For Carpet Deep Cleaning

by Thomas

There are some reasons why we choose to deep clean a carpet. Either the carpet gets dirty or you just want to clean it to give it a fresh and new look. Moreover, in both the cases, the procedure remains the same. Also, all the stains, dirt or dust will completely go, this method is best for getting your carpet 100% cleaned and sanitized. Our carpets tolerate too many things from day to day basis such as moisture, dust, dirt, stain and people stepping all day, it’s too much for a carpet. When you do the carpet deep cleaning your carpet would become new like and free from all the unwanted things. So, give this weekend to your carpet and deep clean it, in this blog you’ll read how to do carpet deep cleaning.

Carpet Deep Cleaning
Carpet Deep Cleaning

The Carpet Cleaning At First.

We recommend that deep cleaning the carpet once a year is good for the carpet. So, you don’t need to clean the carpet daily, just vacuum daily and dry clean once or twice in a while. Pick a corner spot and start cleaning from their, vacuum the carpet from both the side. You should vacuum longer so that the carpet will become free from dust.

Treating The Stain.

Find out any area affected by stain and treat it with a cleaning agent. But before using any cleaning agent, test it on a small area of the carpet. If it causes any damage to the carpet, then do not use it. If nothing happens, pour some of it on a soft cloth and clean the stain. If you clean the stain before deep cleaning, it’ll become 100% clean after deep cleaning.

Start The Cleaning Using A Carpet Cleaning Machine.

You can either buy the carpet cleaning machine or you can rent one. And when you got the machine, read the instruction manual carefully and do as per the instructions. You have to add carpet shampoo in the machine and then add water. Read the instruction manual before filling the machine. Once you’ve filled the machine, on it and run it on the carpet. Run the machine slowly, this work should be done with patience. Once done, pour clean water into the machine and run it again, so that all the soap residue will clean.

Carpet Sanitization
Carpet Sanitization

Drying The Carpet.

When you have completed the deep cleaning, open the nearest windows to let the fresh air inside and turn on the fan. Let carpet dry, in a day or maybe two your carpet will get completely dry. After drying, vacuum the carpet again so that all the remaining residue will go away and you’ll get a new looking carpet.

Call Professional Carpet Cleaners

Squeaky Clean Rugs is the leading professional carpet cleaners. We have the latest carpet cleaning machine and cleaning agents which are specially made for carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal and carpet sanitization purpose. Our team has gained expertise in all type of carpet stain removal procedures. We only use organic cleaning agents which is safe for humans and the environment, they’re completely safe for pets and kids. Visit our website to get a free estimate on carpet cleaning, you can also book the services there and raise a query.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal