Stains Come Back Even After Steam Cleaning

We often use a variety of methods to clean our carpet so that we can make our carpet completely stain-free and clean. If we talk about steam cleaning then it is also considered an important part of carpet cleaning because with this type of cleaning we can get rid of the stains on our carpet. But the experts say that there is one thing which causes the spots on our carpet even after a professional cleaning, that thing is called “wicking”.

Stains Come Back Even After Steam Cleaning

Let Us Now Discuss The Problems Related to It and Ways to Solve It:

What does “Wicking” Mean?

Wicking means that when the cloth is left in a liquid, it stays on top of the liquid. If there is any kind of stain on our clothes, it absorbs and shows the colour. In some schools, children check this thing by putting it in a cup of water using a candle or cloth strip etc. But this thing looks as neat as it looks, but it is found oppositely and this is also what we want for carpet.

“Wick” Stains on The Carpet

This type of stain problem is found in carpets in which this stubborn stain has reached the depth. To remove this stain from carpet cleaning, we clean the bottom surface of the carpet fibers, thereby eliminating the depth of the stain. The problem of these types of stains is found mostly by fluids because we reach the fibers of our carpet very quickly and start spoiling them. It becomes a difficult task to remove such stains with the help of a pad from the backside of our carpet.

These types of stains are mostly pet urine stains as they are created by a large amount of liquid and quickly reach the depth of the carpet. Most people can use more cleaners to clean this stain, which makes our carpet look ugly. We can take the help of baking soda etc. to eliminate stubbornness, which makes this stainless spread and easily gets cleaned without causing any damage to our carpet.

Preventing and Cleaning a “Wicking” Stain.=

An efficient carpet cleaning is required to solve this staining problem. To clean the stain, first, clean the stain as much as you can with a bunch, then use a cleaner (remember not to damage our carpet) and clean the stain in such a way that it does not spread. After that let it dry then clean those dry liquid with a vacuum cleaner. In this way, follow this method till the stain is cleared from our carpet and also take care of the above-mentioned precautions so that there is no damage to our carpet in any way.

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