Which type of carpet cleaning is best?

Carpet steam cleaning is a complete process and it is considered as the best by all professionals. This process is a solution for stains, odours and germs too.

How can I deep clean my carpet myself?

To deep clean your carpet you can follow the carpet steam cleaning process. It is useful in the removal of all types of carpet cleaning problems.

Can carpet be cleaned?

Yes, carpet can be cleaned if you have proper knowledge about cleaning techniques and solutions.

What is the best cleaner for carpets?

Any cleaning solution which is certified and verified for carpet cleaning will be the best cleaner for your carpets. Just ensure that it is according to the type of your carpet fibre.

My Favorite Carpet Is Stained. Can You Restore It?

Absolutely. We are well known for removing stains from carpet. Our carpet stain removal method is very effective. We can remove all types of stains from your carpet and clean it with a good solution. With our Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne Service, your carpet will get a new look. The solution we use for removing stains from the carpet is very safe and does not harm the fabric. To book our carpet stain removal service call us on 0482078144. Our team of professionals will be there at your place to clean your carpet in an efficient manner.

How do you get a red stain out of the rug and carpet?

We use effective and reliable rug and carpet cleaning products for removing red stain from rug or carpet. Our professionals are expert to clean red stain and other stubborn stains professionally. Our stain removal procedure is also unique or distinctive. So, call us now for the best Cheap Rug Cleaning Melbourne services.

Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Cleaning Services


How Much Experience Do You Have in Carpet Cleaning?

We have been serving Melbourne for two decades now and offer best and affordable carpet cleaning services. All our cleaners are also experienced and do an outstanding Carpet Cleaning job. Using the right cleaning solutions and advanced equipment, our cleaners can turn your carpet into n new one. We have been successfully delivering the best result to our clients for two decades. Call us now and get your carpets cleaned by the most experienced cleaners of the town.

What all Carpet Cleaning Services do you Provide?

We at Squeaky Clean Rugs provide almost all types of Carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning services include carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, wool carpet cleaning, pet hair removal from carpet, carpet shampooing, carpet y mould restoration, carpet vacuuming, Carpet Stain Removal, eco-friendly non-harmful carpet cleaning chemical, carpet healthguard™ treatment, fast carpet drying after steam cleaning and so on. We provide wide ranges of carpet cleaning services at the lowest prices in Melbourne. Call us on 1300 3622 17 to avail our quality and affordable carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Stain Removal

Do you Work on Weekends?

Yes, we are available on weekends and public holidays. There are many of our clients who ask for weekend carpet cleaning services and we happily got to their places on weekends to provide our best and Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services. We have a very dedicated team who work according to the availability of our clients. The only motto, we follow is to leave our clients happy with our Carpet Cleaning Services. With us, you don’t have to see your calendar, just pick up the phone and call us anytime and our team will be there at your service.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Where are your curtain cleaning services available?

All our curtains and blinds cleaning services are available in all suburbs of Melbourne. No matter where you reside in Melbourne, we can deliver a flawless curtain and blind cleaning service at your doorstep.

What chemicals do you have for vulnerable and precious rugs?

We understand the need of precious rugs and very well understand how they need to be cleaned with much precision and care. We have special solutions for exclusive and antique rugs that demand more care and delicate cleaning. So you can rely on our services and get your expensive rugs cleaned at Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne.

Beautiful and Hassle Free Rug Restoration

For a fantastic and trouble-free rug restoration in Melbourne one must choose Squeaky Clean Rugs. I am an old man and have spent my life finding just the right kind of cleaner who could give a new look to my favourite rugs that I bought during my youth. But unfortunately no one was able to please me enough until Squeaky Clean Rugs. They simple rejuvenated my years’ old rugs and they look just beautiful. – Ray Rapinett

Can professional cleaning cause shrinkage to my rugs?

Shrinkage can happen to rugs only if they are washed and not professional cleaned. But with Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne you can be sure that ZERO shrinkage will happen to your rugs while we clean them thoroughly in the most delicate and effective manner.

Can you handle Persian rugs?

Yes we do have the expertise, knowledge, and qualification to restore your precious Persian rugs with utmost care. We understand that these rugs are highly delicate and need to be handled with much care. You can rely on our experienced experts who are trained to handle fragile and valuable rugs and give them a new look, without causing any harm.

Can you perform rug repairs in Melbourne?

Yes, definitely! Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne delivers complete rug solutions at lowest price in Melbourne. This includes rug repairs along with rug cleaning. Let us take care of your rugs and we assure you to restore your rugs in the finest possible way.

Do you provide rug cleaning on weekends too?

Yes, Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne works on weekends too. So if you are looking for professionals to get your rugs cleaned on a weekend, don’t look anywhere else. Just give us a call and consider your job done.

Will I be receiving licensed cleaners in my home for rug cleaning?

Yes, for sure. All our cleaners at Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne are licensed, certified, qualified, skilled, and experienced to perform sofa cleaning in any part of Melbourne. We assure you that your precious rugs are in utterly safe hands with our cleaners. So don’t hesitate and just give us a call.

Where are your rug cleaning services available?

Squeaky Clean Rug offers its complete range of cleaning services in Melbourne’s all suburbs. Whether you are Southern, Western, Eastern, or Northern suburbs, just give us a call and we will arrange for the service at your doorstep!

How do I know you provide the best services?

Squeaky Clean Rugs is a renowned name in the cleaning industry for its valuable services for the last 10 years. We are locals in Melbourne and our cleaners are located in all suburbs to provide broader coverage to our clients. Also, we use ultra-modern cleaning techniques and chemical-free cleaning solutions for a flawless rugs cleaning. Our customers love our services and they leave their feedback on our Review Page. So you can read their comments to know what kind of a service we provide.

What if I am not satisfied?

Consider it free! If you are not satisfied with our rug cleaning services then you do not have to pay anything to us. We are very confident of our rug cleaning services and we offer guaranteed results of our job. Our experienced cleaners have been trained to ensure that our customers are absolutely satisfied with our services. However, in case you do not feel so please let us know and we will do the rug cleaning for you at no additional cost. Your satisfaction is our only motive!

What would it cost? How to pay?

For a rough estimate of rugs cleaning at your place, we need a few details. The kind of fabric, the area measurement etc. has to be provided by you to help us give you a rough estimate for rug cleaning. We request you to give us a call and ask for a free quote as per your specific requirements. However, you can be sure that we provide unbeatable prices for rug cleaning in Melbourne.
You can make the payment through credit cards, cash, cheques, or online transfer. We accept all these payment methods. And you only need to pay if you are satisfied with our rug cleaning services once we have completed the job.

What are your operational hours?

Squeaky Clean Couch believes in providing world class customer service to our respected clients. To do so more effectively, we work 24×7 a day and we are also available on weekends. So whenever you need to hire professionals for rug cleaning then you do not have to look at your clock. Just pick up your phone and give us a call. Let us know when you are most comfortable to have your rugs cleaned and we will arrange for the same accordingly. Our customer service executives are waiting for your call!

My roof has leaked and my carpet spoiled. Can you restore it?

Yes. Squeaky Clean Couch has invested a good amount of money in special gears that are used for restoring water from damaged carpets. Apart from that, we have trained professional cleaners who very well know how to do the job with minimal damage to your expensive carpets. We have latest efficient techniques to restore your carpets from any kind of water damage. We suck the excess water first and then do the restoration process. Our 10 years of experience backs our talent in saving your valuable rugs.

I keep my rugs clean. Why do I need professional cleaning?

Even if you think your rugs are utterly clean looking, they need professional cleaning on regular basis. Rugs suffer from a lot of rough usage on daily basis. They are bound to attract not just dirt but other harmful contaminants that could be fatal for the well-being of the inhabitants. There are unseen moulds, bacteria, yeast, and other pollutants in rugs that can cause serious trouble to the users. Home based cleaning methods are not able to remove these contaminants. A professional clean from Squeaky Clean Rugs ensures that your rugs become utterly clean and absolutely hygiene.