How to Shampoo a Rug?

How to shampoo a rug

There will be a time when you rug needs more than vacuuming because dirt and debris have clogged your rug. Thus, shampooing is the only option to deal with the dirty carpet. But remember that cleaning a rug isn’t easy, you have to take precautionary measures while shampooing. A tiny mistake could damage your rug and ruin your heavy investment. So, you need to carefully deal with everything. In this article, you’ll read the do’s and don’ts while shampooing a rug.

Pick a Warm Sunny Day

Summer is the best time to clean your rug, you can choose any day during summer for shampooing the rug. Bring your rug outside to clean it, outside the atmosphere would be friendly for Carpet Cleaning. The dust and dirt will remain outside.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum the rug thoroughly, suck out all the dirt and debris. Repeat the process on the back side as well. Your focus should be on removing the dust completely.

Rug Vacuum Cleaner

Rug Vacuum Cleaner

Treat The Stains On Your Rugs

To treat the obstinate stains while shampooing you can blend 1 spoon liquid dish detergent, 1 quart of lukewarm water plus 1 spoon of vinegar. You can use a thin cloth and pour the solution over it and absorb tenderly. You don’t have to rub and let the solution sit on the stain for 10 minutes. Then pick a clean cloth dipped in water to rinse out the detergent. Dry using a dry cloth to blot.

Test your Shampoo

Almost all the shampoo is safe on rugs, but some can harm or damage the fabric. So before shampooing, apply some amount of shampoo on the corner of the rug and see if the area has some reaction. In case the shampoo faded the area, do not go further. Your rug might be sensitive against cleaning agents. If nothing happens during shampoo test, you can move further.

Water the Rug

Turn on your yard hose and shower it on the rug. Do not worry about wetting it too much, just shower the water nicely, after it gets wet you can apply shampoo. After applying shampoo, scrub the surface gently and try to remove dirt.

Rinse the Rug Thoroughly

After doing all the scrubbing rinse the rug and clear all the Carpet shampoo. Make sure the pressure of water is high so that all the shampoo will wash away. Once the washing is done spread the rug on the rooftop or somewhere is good sunlight. Leave it for an entire day and keep flipping. So that it gets dry from both the side. After drying, take it into your home and vacuum it again, so that any remaining dust will come out.

Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Cleaning Services

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