How to Shampoo a Carpet?

How to Shampoo a Carpet

Carpets do the promising job of adding the look and comfort to your home. These are one of the most essential things that your home needs. But, maintaining and keeping the carpets clean is also essential, so, the home and the environment stays healthy and fresh. Cleaning the carpet with the vacuum is a regular practice to remove the dust, but it needs more. Carpet shampooing is one of the best ways for Carpet Cleaning. This way, you can deep clean the carpets and extend their life. However, even thinking about washing and drying the carpet makes the homeowners feel sick and they end up putting off the plan. But, carpet shampooing does have to be painful and can be done easily with the simple steps. Let’s have a look.

Best and Easy Way to Shampoo a Carpet

Step 1: Choose The Right Carpet Shampoo and Machine

Visit the nearby store to get a carpet shampooing machine. You can rent a machine if you clean carpets occasionally. In case, you have little munchkins in the house, buying one is the best solution, because, with kids, the carpets get dirtier and demand to be washed frequently. Make sure you are buying the best machine for your carpet cleaning.

Choosing the right shampoo is also a major task, as there are various brands available in the market. Be sure you are buying the right and suitable shampoo for the carpet.

Step 2: Move Furniture to Another Room

The second step is the most hated part of the entire procedure, which is moving the furniture out of the room. But it is important for the best and easier cleaning. Hence, make sure you remove all the pieces of furniture and decorative items. In case, you are not willing to remove the large or heavy furniture pieces, place plastic film or aluminum foil under the furniture legs to protect it from the water.

Step 3: Vacuum The Entire Carpet

Vacuuming is necessary it will help to eliminate all the accumulated dirt particles and other rubble from the carpet fibres. It will ease to clean the carpet after vacuuming. Air-quality will be kept maintained as well. Vacuuming will remove odours too. Vacuum cleaner absorbs all the amassed dust from the depths of the carpet fibres efficiently so carpet shampooing will work effectively too.

Step 4: Apply the Stain Remover over the Tough Stains

Spray the stain remover on the heavy stains before starting the shampooing process. Stain remover performs the chemical reactions to break down the dirt particles from the carpet. Use the remover as labeled on the bottle.

Shampooing Cleaning Services Melbourne

Shampooing Cleaning Services Melbourne

Step 5: Get Your Machine Ready For the Process

Fill the machine’s tank with water and carpet shampoo following the instructions on the manual. Make sure you are using the shampoo in adequate amount. As, using shampoo in excessive quantity will leave residue and the carpet will look dirtier.

Step 6: Use the Right Shampooing Approach

Using the machine in the right approach is very important. Start cleaning in a particular pattern, so, Carpet Steam Cleaning is done to its perfection. Start from one corner of the room and keep dragging the shampooing machine along to reach the other side of the room. The rotary brushes under the machine will leave the shampoo on the carpet to extract the dust and stain. If required, move the machine over the harder stains until the dirt is removed.

Step 7: Fill The Machine with Clean and Cold Water

Move the machine over the carpet until the wastewater is extracted, use cold water this time. Run the machine over the carpet until you get the satisfying condition.

Step 8: Let the Carpet Dry

Carpet Dry Cleaning Services

Carpet Dry Cleaning Services

Give the carpet enough time to dry completely before placing the furniture again. Be patient, it may take a few hours or even a day depending on the size or fiber of the carpet.

Carpet shampooing can be a hectic task for the first timers but can be done and improved with practice. Or you can call Squeaky Clean Rugs and make the things easy for you. We offer a huge number of Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne including carpet shampooing, Carpet Steam Cleaning and more. We have been in the industry for a long and have earned the trust by meeting all the expectations and requirements of our customers.

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