How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

Every new day our home carpet has to face a new problem of stain. Each day with branded stains on the carpet is very pathetic. Except pets and kids there are other uncountable methods by which a new stain can take birth in different ways. Candle wax looks beautiful only in lilting the candles during Diwali but stain of wax on the carpet is something which no one can imagine because it is very difficult to remove the wax from carpet. It is very sticky and can stick on the carpet very badly. However, we managed to remove the wax but still it left a dirty oily stain on the carpet. It is difficult to remove the wax but the good news is it is possible to remove the wax and even greasy stain too. If you have correct techniques and products in that case it is possible to remove wax from the carpet.

Get Wax Out of Carpet

Few Tips to Remove Wax from The Carpet

There are plenty of methods by which you can remove the wax from carpet. Removing wax depends on the amount of wax spread on the carpet, if wax is of small quantity then it is quite easy to remove the wax but if the amount of wax is large in that case it needs much more concern and hard work in mopping up. You should always avoid rubbing the carpet while wax is on the rug because rubbing can break the particles of wax and spread more on the carpet so; we should learn the correct method to avoid the wax from the carpet. 

Collect Essentials: 

Firstly, you need to collect all essentials which is required for removing of wax. Professionals have all fancy products but in house it is difficult to find all these stuff. So, to given below are few items mentioned which are alternatives of fancy solutions but their work is almost similar and can be easily available in the home such as:

  • Ice pack
  • Iron
  • Paper towel
  • Butter knife or ordinary sharp knife
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner solution
  1. Freeze The Wax:

    This is very simplest processes; you have to freeze the wax by putting ice packs on the surface of wax of carpet and over it with the paper towel nicely and leave it for few minutes. Once, the wax is turned in to solid form it become very easy to remove it from the hand. After removing the wax use vacuum cleaner over the carpet so, that rest particles are also cleaned easily.
  2. Heat The Stain:

    Opposite of above method in this method you should heat the wax and by heating you can remove it. This method involves towel, you have to keep the towel directly on the top of the stain and plug in the iron set at the minimum temperature and with a very light hand you have to iron the towel so that wax will melt and stick on the towel. This is quite an easy method to remove the stain but be careful while gliding the iron.
  3. Clean and Vacuum The Carpet:

    If very less amount of wax is present on the carpet in that case, you should clean it by vacuum cleaner very carefully followed by cleaning it with solutions of carpet cleaning in Canberra and then wipe it. Leave it for few minutes.
Remove Wax from The Carpet

Speak to An Experienced Carpet Cleaning Company

When everything fails, you should go for expert advice or even for expert’s treatments. Carpets faced a lot of trouble because of us so, this is our major responsibility to maintain its grace. You should hire professional carpet cleaners at least once in a year. We Squeaky Clean Rugs can deal with many carpet related issues so, if you want we can help you. So, to book appointment you contact us in 0482078144. Hope to see you soon.

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