How to Clean Upholstery?


Upholstered products like carpets in the living room increase the charm of a home interior. It is necessary to keep the upholstery clean throughout the year. Because of regular cleaning, you could prolong the life of upholstery and prevent health risks. You could hire the best upholstery cleaner from a reliable company and make the cleaning process easy and fast. Professionals follow a proper procedure and use modern techniques to clean the carpets. Do you want to clean upholstery at home? Here, we have mentioned some ways that you could follow to keep the upholstery clean for a long time.

Why You Should Clean Upholstery?

Upholstery is a thick fabric that is often used for making couches, rugs and carpets. Because of more durability, people tend to choose this kind of fabric. But, there is a drawback as well. It is quite difficult to clean the carpet upholstery at home.

When people don’t hire carpet upholstery cleaner for many years, the carpets become damaged, dull and stained. With time, various kinds of microbes grow in moist and dirty upholstery. People staying near the filthy upholstery become more prone to catching allergies and infections.

A stained carpet is not only unhygienic but unpleasant to eyes. In commercial and residential complexes, you can’t afford to keep a dirty carpet. Nobody would want to enter your shop, hotel or hospital if the upholstery is maintained properly.

Wondering what could be done to avoid these issues? You could seek help from carpet and upholstery cleaner. These days, professionals have industrial-grade machines and products. They could use them and clean the upholstery with ease.

Ideally, you could hire experts once or twice a year. For the rest of the days, you could make your homemade upholstery cleaner or follow some simple methods to maintain clean carpets.

Your Upholstery Cleaning Guide

You could suffer from loss by not knowing the right ways of cleaning upholstery. Just like other appliances, you need to pay attention to regular servicing of carpets and rugs. The upholstery would perform its roles in a better manner if you focus on its health. Here is how you could clean the carpet and upholstery at home:


At home, you might be having a vacuum cleaner. You could use this device and keep the upholstery dust-free. Make it a habit to clean carpets and rugs almost daily. By removing dust particles, allergens, pet hairs, skin flakes and other things regularly, you could increase the life of upholstered products. It would be even better if you could use vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters.

Steam Cleaning Method

You should know how to clean upholstery with steam cleaner because it is a reliable and trending method. Many homeowners use portable steam cleaning devices to keep the upholstery free from germs and stains.

Stubborn stains such as mud stains, food stains, oil stains, water stains, blood stains, and vomit stains could be removed with the steam cleaning technique. Many people think that steam would cause damage to carpets. But, it is not true. In fact, there are several benefits of using this method.

Your carpets would never become excessively wet because of steam. The heat of the steam would break down the stain particles. The dirt would be dissolved easily by steam. In addition, the microorganisms would be killed by steam.

Adjusting the pressure and heat could be a task while cleaning the upholstery. If you don’t want to take the risk, you could take help from experienced cleaners. They know how to clean upholstery with steam cleaner. They would take minimum time and provide the best possible results.

Make Homemade Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

It is not at all compulsory to buy expensive cleaning products. You could make excellent upholstery cleaning products with help of easily available ingredients. Have a look at some ways of making cleaning solvent at home.

  • Use Rubbing Alcohol and White Vinegar

You could prepare fantastic carpet upholstery cleaner with help of three ingredients. Firstly, take a spray bottle and add white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and clean water in the proportion of 1:1:2. Now, spray the mixture to targeted areas. Spot treatment is best when you want to remove stains from the upholstery.

Then, you can scrub the mixture for a while and then allow it to work on the stains. In the end, you could take a wet cloth and clean the upholstery.

  • Baking Soda as Stain Remover

Are there some really dark and tough stains on the carpet? You could utilise the power of baking soda. It is a cheap and simple ingredient that does not have any side effects. You could find baking soda in your kitchen.

Just make a paste by mixing baking soda with little water. Next, apply the paste to the hard stains. Let the mixture sit on the upholstery stains for a few minutes. Lastly, you could use a microfiber cloth to remove the soda paste from the fabric.

  • Use Essential Oils for Odour Removal

Food particles, smoke, pet urine and many other things are responsible for the odours that come from the carpet upholstery. After deep cleaning, you should always spray essential oils on the upholstery. Citrus oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil could be the perfect choice for deodorising the upholstery.

Don’t Forget to Dry the Upholstery

No matter how you clean the carpet upholstery, make it a point to dry it properly after cleaning. Leaving the moisture could be problematic. After all, pests, germs, pathogens and moulds love to grow in moist and warm conditions. To dry the upholstery, you could make use of instruments like dryers, air blowers, fans, etc.


As a homeowner, you should not neglect upholstery cleaning. In the above blog, you would find a proper procedure for cleaning. We have mentioned some homemade cleaners as well. You could choose the best upholstery cleaner and use it for regular cleaning. But, always remember that DIY methods can’t be better than professional carpet cleaning. So, hire the cleaners at least once a year for intense cleaning of upholstery.