Everything You Should Know About Hot Water Extraction

Carpet Hot Water Extraction Service

Stains on the carpets and upholstery are a common story in every household, especially if there are children and pets. With the advancement in technology in recent years, hot water extraction has taken the place of dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Although there are still property owners who prefer getting the carpet cleaned using traditional methods.

You must be aware of the hot water extraction carpet cleaning technique before booking an appointment for this service. Carpet cleaning service providers conduct thorough research that helps them decide which treatment method would be most suitable according to the fabric. They also help you understand the hot water extraction process.

What is Carpet Hot Water Extraction?

Hot water extraction is a hassle-free way to remove dirt, and dust grimes deeply ingrained in the carpet and other upholsteries. To perform this method, a hot water extraction experts will inject hot water under high pressure into the stained fabric using industry-grade equipment. The sheer force of the warm water stream will restore the appearance of your carpet.

However, you may see that several agencies include this under the “steam cleaning” section, which is misleading. While some steam is released during the final stage of hot water extraction carpet cleaning, there is a huge difference between both methods. Hot water is more effective in stain removal.

What Is Carpet Hot Water Extraction Process?

Hot water extraction from the carpet is a simple and quick process. Here is an overview of the steps a professional hot water extraction Melbourne team usually follows:

  • A mixture of water and gentle detergents is heated by putting them into the water compartment of the equipment. Professionals generally use safe and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • This solution is directly injected into the stained spots of the carpet under high pressure. It pulls the dirt particles out of the fabric and makes carpet cleaning easier.
  • Expert technicians apply a chemical on the carpet during the hot water extraction process to soften up and degrease the stains.
  • They will use the same machine one more time to 95%, as this will help pull off all the moisture back together with the grime inside the carpet.

Benefits of Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

There are several benefits of using this method. To understand it clearly, note the following:

  • Water is the primary component used in this method which makes it more suitable for people suffering from asthma or other allergies.
  • Professionals use little to no detergents and carry out the whole process in a safe and efficient manner. They use the amount of solution that is safe for your pets, children, and the environment.
  • Unlike steam cleaning and dry cleaning, hot water extraction can refresh the whole carpet from top to bottom. This method makes it look and smell fresh.
  • Hot water extraction gives you a stain-free carpet for a much longer period in comparison to other methods.
  • The ratio between water and detergent is strongly in favor of water, meaning there will be no chemical residue left behind after each treatment.

Why Should You Avoid the DIY Hot Water Extraction Approach?

If you are planning on taking a hot water extraction machine on rent and carrying out the whole task yourself, you must know a few things. For example, some rented equipment may not work properly or have much lesser drying power than the one used by professionals.

Weaker drying power leaves the carpet damp for a long time, which can, in turn, result in mold growth and bad odor. Rented machines usually have a weaker suction, and they may be unable to gather surface dirt in an efficient manner. This could further lead to messy carpeting.

Licensed carpet technicians have access to the best quality HWE gear that is designed to perform carpet cleaning in a better way, and they are trained by the best in the industry to carry out this task in a safe and efficient manner.

Nowadays, hot water extraction is one of the most preferred carpet cleaning methods. Due to its several benefits, professionals recommend it to everyone, whether it is for residential carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning.