Do’s And Don’ts In Carpet Mould Removal

Carpet mould removal services are crucial to increase the lifespan of your valuable carpet and save your loved ones from hazardous diseases caused by mould formation.

Mould infestation is a common issue in several households, especially if they have high humidity levels. Moisture encourages mould growth on walls, furniture, and even carpets. If your property has been suffering from mould infestation, the time has come to take action as soon as possible and call carpet mould removal services.

Do’s Of Carpet Mould Removal

Test the mould cleaning product:

● If you use an incorrect mould cleaning solution, it will permanently ruin your carpet.
● If such damage occurs to your valuable carpet, you have to throw it away or move around your upholstery to cover a bald or discoloured patch.
● It would be best if you do a spot test on a piece of carpet not visible to others, and not continue the use of a solution until you are certain that it would not cause any damage.

Use a dehumidifier:

● An essential step that needs to be taken for a long-term mould-free home is to minimise indoor humidity.
● To control moisture in the air, you can use a dehumidifier that will deprive mould spores of the water they need for formation and growth.
● The ideal humidity level to inhibit mould growth is around 30 to 60 percent.

Dress adequately during carpet mould removal:

● You must wear protective clothing while carrying out this task. Mould spores are harmful to both you and your carpet, making it more important to call professionals.
● Wear a mask, rubber gloves, and goggles to protect your eyes and hands from strong cleaning agents as well as mould.
● Also, keep your hair and feet covered, and put on a suitable overall safety kit to protect your clothes.
● When you have finished the task, place your protective clothing in a plastic bag and dump it before leaving the area of the carpet you were cleaning.
carpet mould removal
Don’ts Of Carpet Mould Removal

Don’t Use Wrong Cleaning Products:

● For extraction of mould from the carpet, use a mixture of baking soda and water. Although it would be enough, you can also white vinegar in a small amount.
● There are also professional, government-approved anti-mould treatments that you can put to use.
● Some cleaning solutions are not suitable for all types of carpets. So, make sure to read the label carefully before buying the cleaning agent for carpet mould removal.

Avoid scrubbing the mould too hard:

● In order to remove mould, some people scrub too hard that it damages the carpet permanently.
● Getting rid of mould demands a fair amount of elbow grease; otherwise, scrubbing excessively can ruin the carpet fibers.

Cleaning when you should be replacing:

● We understand that spotting mould on your valuable carpet can be heartbreaking, but if the mould has spread to a larger extent, it would be better to replace it than attempt to remove or control the mould growth.
● Carpets have usually been attacked by mould due to moisture that lurked beneath and waited for an opportunity to do more damage.
● If you do not get rid of moisture and mould on time, your carpet could face more damage and recurring mould issue.

Don’t spread mould instead of cleaning:

● Mould spores are pretty small in size, and it is usual to disturb mould spores and spread them all over the carpet unknowingly.
● Mould spores travel on the land as well as in the air and multiply over time. You think you have cleaned the mould out of the carpet, but within weeks you notice them again.
● To prevent mould growth, use effective barriers such as sealing off the part of the carpet which you are cleaning, covering the vents, throwing the mouldy material after sealing them in plastic bags,

Cleaning the carpet and getting rid of mould by yourself is possible and sometimes easy if the patch is small. But it can cause several issues such as permanent damage to your valuable carpet during cleaning, spread the mould, and cause severe health issues.

If you are not comfortable carrying out this carpet mould removal task, contact a professional carpet mould removal service provider that has years of experience and expertise in this field.