Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Service For All Kinds of Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Welcome to Squeaky Clean Rugs. We offer all kinds of curtain cleaning services in Adelaide. Our latest technology helps us to clean your curtains efficiently. You can call us right now for cost-effective curtain cleaning in Adelaide. Curtains add the perfect beauty to your home decor. However, over time they too turn dirty and dull. On top of that germs make their way into your home causing unnecessary health issues. That is why we along with our team have curated some best methods of curtain cleaning. These methods will keep your curtains clean for a long time. 

Avail All These Amazing Curtain Cleaning Adelaide Services Today

We clean all types of curtains professionally at a reasonable price. Here is the list of the curtains that we clean: 

Box Pleated Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Box Pleated Curtains normally consist of a machine that stitches two or three plates simultaneously, then leaves a gap of generally 10 cm before repeating the pleating. We clean them all for you.

Cased Heading Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

You can also get our services if you have placed Cased Heading Curtains inside your house. We clean all types of curtains with the application of the latest tools and effective cleaning agents. 

Eyelet Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Eyelet curtains are folded onto the top of the fabric by stringing the drapery pole within a door. This could either be a cut-out slot with a line of stitching discontinuing the sides or it could use a grommet to prevent fraying. We also clean them for you so just let us know for assistance.

Tab Top Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Curtains or panels at the top edge with fabric loops that are threaded over poles or rods are Tab Top Curtains. Tab Top Curtains are perfect to use over a window with blinds as a decorative curtain to add colour or texture as side curtains.

Sheer Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

A sheer curtain is made from transparent material, such as a loosely spun polyester fabric. Sheer curtains let a bulk of light be dispatched within the fabric, with the fabric design giving an essential level of UV stability while maintaining most clarity outside through the curtain.

Pencil Pleat Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Pencil Pleat Curtains are also identified as Tape Top curtains. Pencil pleat curtain heading normally be made up of 3 lines of cord attached within it for 3 hook places to readjust all kinds of track poles.

Goblet Pleat Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

If you have placed Goblet Pleat Curtains inside any area of your home and they have got stained due to any reason then you can get them cleaned professionally by hiring our experts. 

Swag and Tails Cleaning Adelaide

A swag and tails curtain is three-piece assortments that are seldom mentioned as swag and tails curtains. Swag has a pole hole including vertical surfaces on the outside and a bent pattern on the core.

Roman Blinds Cleaning Adelaide

Roman shades are a kind of window screening used to prevent sunlight. Roman shades are distinct from regular window curtains in that they stack up uniformly when being unfolded. We get many calls from our customers asking us to clean their roman blinds. So call us now.

All Types of Window Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

We can clean all types of curtains for you. We have been working in this curtain cleaning industry for many years. A team of professionals who are equipped with the latest tools can clean all types of curtains professionally.

Rubber Backing and Full-Length Drop Curtains Cleaning Adelaide

Covered fabrics are made up of a regular uncovered fabric with a thick rubber backing used to the back of the fabric to give enhanced light penetration. We are giving you cleaning services to clean Rubber Backing and Full-Length Drop Curtains so call us today.

Linen Curtains Cleaning Adelaide

We are giving you services to clean the linen curtains at a reasonable cost. We are a team of skilled and expert curtain cleaners who have enough expertise to clean the curtains professionally so just give us a call to get your bookings done.

Acrylic Backed Fabric Curtains Cleaning Adelaide

Acrylic fibres curtains are manufactured fibres consisting of a polymer with a medium. Few acrylic fabrics curtains may blur quickly, yet there are low-pilling alternatives. Acrylic fully maintains the colour of the curtains, is pre-shrunk, and is usually hypoallergenic.

Lace Curtains Cleaning Adelaide

Lace curtains are a kind of fabric that is formed by looping, spinning, or entangling fibres simultaneously to generate a design. Lace curtains can be created utilizing several various fibres, however the most popular are polyester, cotton, silk, linen, and rayon. You can get them cleaned by letting us know whenever you need help. 

Pelmets and Valances Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

There are various types of pelmets and valances curtains out there. And we can clean all types of them efficiently. Our team of experts has all the needed tools which are latest and the cleaning solutions we use are safe and effective too. So just give us a call for the best curtain cleaning services.

Blinds Cleaning Adelaide

You can also hire us for blinds cleaning. We will clean all of your stained blinds placed in any area of your home. We are a renowned brand in Adelaide and have been delivering the best blind cleaning services for many years so reach us online now to know more about us.

Drapery Cleaning Adelaide

Get the best drapery cleaning services from us at affordable costs. We have a background of many years in this field of curtain cleaning. Our experts have all the latest and top-notch tools for drapery cleaning plus we are working on weekends too. So call us today.

Onsite Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

The on-site curtain cleaning services will ensure you get the best services from professionals. You’ll also get the latest and most sophisticated cleaning equipment for the delicate curtains. Cleaning curtains is not the responsibility of a homeowner and the work must be entrusted to competent professionals.

We Provide Cleaning Services For All Types Of Curtains

You will be getting the cleaning services for all types of curtains that you may have placed inside your home. We have a team of professionals only for the job and here is the list of the types of curtains we are apt to clean:

Lace Curtains Cleaning Adelaide: Lace curtains are a kind of fabric that is created simultaneously by creating a pattern by looping, spinning, or entangling fibres. You can get them cleaned from us however, the cleaning will depend on the extent of the affected stained area.

Goblet Pleat Curtains Cleaning Adelaide: If you have installed Goblet Pleat Curtains inside your home and they have got stained by some cause then by hiring our experts you can get them professionally cleaned. We can do steam cleaning of the curtains too.

Full-length Drop Curtains Cleaning Adelaide: You will be getting a full-length drop curtain cleaning from us at a reasonable price. We will remove all types of stains from your curtains effectively from the entire curtain.

Pleat Curtains Cleaning: Pleated curtains characterize a part of the material that’s folded so that the curtain creates an accordion-like design that can be lifted or dropped. We can steam clean your curtains for better results.

Eyelet Curtains Cleaning: Eyelet curtains are lapped by stringing the drapery pole inside a door to the top of the fabric. We clean them for you so just let us know what has caused them to become stained and we will clean them according to the need.

Double Box Pleat Curtains Cleaning: Box Pleated Curtains usually consists of a device that stitches two or three plates at the same time. There might be various reasons which have made them stained but you don’t have to worry we have got all the needed tools to clean them.

Pelmets and Valances Curtains Cleaning: You’ll get various styles of pelmets and valances curtains. And we can effectively clean all types of them. Our expert team has all the requisite latest tools and the cleaning solutions that we use are both safe and reliable. So just call us for the best curtain cleaning Adelaide services.

Cased Heading Curtain Cleaning: If you have installed Cased Heading Curtains inside your house you can also get our efficient cleaning services. With the application of the latest tools and effective cleaning agents, we clean every type of curtains professionally.

Pencil Pleat Curtain Cleaning: Pencil Pleat Curtains are also recognized as Tape Top curtains. Whether they have got coffee stains or water stains we will clean them all and will make them look clean and new as before. Just call us now for the best services.

Sheer Curtains Cleaning: A sheer curtain is formed from thin material, particularly a loosely twisted polyester material. You can get them steam cleaned by hiring our professionals. We are a well-recognised company working in this business for many years.

We Provide Cleaning Services For All Types Of Blinds As Well

Roller Blinds Cleaning: Roller blinds are normally formed from artificial or tangible materials and can be folded perpendicularly or below according to your requirements. You can get them cleaned by calling our experts who are ready to help you 24*7 and all days of the week so call us now!

Roman Blinds Cleaning: Roman blinds are a kind of shielding of windows used to block the sunlight. Roman blinds are distinct from normal window curtains in that when opened, they line up evenly. We get a lot of calls from our customers, asking us to clean their roman blinds. So call us today if you want cleaning services from us.

Venetian Blinds Cleaning: Venetian blinds are the most common type of blinds. They feature horizontal slats which connect with string or strips of cloth known as tapes. Venetian blinds are perfect for your homes but make sure you retain them fully cleaned or you can call us if you need to get them cleaned professionally.

Vertical Blinds Cleaning: Vertical blinds have single slats that move with a track at the tip of the blind. Reliant on the type, vertical blinds are either exposed from edge to edge or by separating in the center. You can get them cleaned by hiring our team of experts. We have more than a decade of expertise in cleaning all types of blinds. So get your stained blinds cleaned today.

Awnings: Awnings play a major role in protecting the balcony and outer side of your house by keeping it covered from upside down to prevent dirt, water, and wind from coming inside your house. Swings also get stained while protecting the home so get them cleaned now to maintain the looks and safety of the house.

Residential and Commercial Curtain Cleaning Adelaide Services

Do you think that your curtains are clean and do not need any further cleaning? Well, you might need to reconsider your views.

Adelaide is a place where the climate is unpredictable. The city is known for continuous winds and breeze which bring a lot of dust and dirt inside. This is not just it, instead, our curtains constantly face accidental spills, pet dander, spots, and stains which make them dirty.

But, not anymore! Squeaky Clean Rugs is at your service in Adelaide. We are a team of professional curtain cleaners with years of experience in this field. We have dealt with an array of dirty blinds and curtains in and around Adelaide. We extend our offer to not only households but to commercial places as well.

Call us now if you are seeking the best curtain cleaning services nearby your area. Whether you are a commercial area owner or living in any local area in Adelaide. We have been providing the best curtain cleaning services for many years. We are a group of professionals who use the most-developed tools for curtain cleaning. We have been working in this industry for more than a decade. You can call us for curtain cleaning services whether you want it in your residential area or you want it in any commercial area.

Asthma, Dust and How Clean Are Your Curtains and Blinds?

As mentioned earlier, Adelaide’s environment is such that, winds and breeze are common during the day and night. This brings a lot of pollen and minute dust particles inside your house. The fabric of curtains and blinds acts as a host of diseases and microorganisms.

With time, these dust particles, pollens, and allergens get mixed up with the air inside your house. This may result in a huge problem for the members residing inside the house, mainly for those who suffer from respiratory-related issues such as Asthma.

As per National Asthma Council Australia, asthma-causing allergens often cling themselves to curtains and other soft surfaces. This is why it is necessary to clean and vacuum your drapes as well as sofas and chains to remove any allergens.

This is when Squeaky Clean Rugs help you out. We are here to clean all kinds of allergens and dust particles not only from the curtains but also from the upholstery as well.

We adopt a comprehensive Curtain Cleaning Services process and start the process by vacuuming the curtains, upholstery, sofas, beds, and the likes so that no pollen or allergen is left behind.

We Clean All Types of Curtains Including:

  • Pelmets
  • Pencil curtains
  • Tiebacks
  • Swags
  • Goblet
  • Cascades
  • And many others – just talk with us!

Do You Have Dirty Blinds? Squeaky Clean Rugs Can Help!

Squeaky Clean Rugs cleans all types of curtains including blinds, irrespective of their condition and fabric.

Here are a few blind cleaning services that we provide:

  • Roller blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • And a lot many more…

Get Your Curtains Cleaned With Care

The cleaning process offered by Squeaky Clean Rugs is complete in every aspect and you don’t need to worry about any fault in our work. Being experienced carpet cleaners in Adelaide, we understand that every part related to the curtains and the drapes must be cleaned, be it the pelmet or the windows. We pay attention to every nook and corner.

  • We also understand that every curtain is made of different fabric and different kinds of fabric need different handling. This is the reason why we conduct a pre-inspection session where we note down the details of fabric, length and the likes of the curtains.
  • This helps us to decide what type of chemicals we must use to clean the drapes to remove particular stains.
  • Our post-inspection services help us to access our work and re-clean in the cases where there are stains left behind.
  • At the end of the process, we often apply the fabric protector to prevent re-blocking and staining soon in future.
  • At Back 2 New Cleaning, we understand the importance of time. Thus, our experts sit down with our clients in order to decide the best time and day they find fit for cleaning.
  • Online operator and a call service of the company is also available for customers, where they can call and ask any query to our experts, and we will happily assist you.

Curtains and Drapery Cleaning in Adelaide

Squeaky Clean Rugs is a professional curtain cleaning team in Adelaide, which is known for the A-class Curtain Cleaning. Our curtain cleaners are fully trained and have a thorough knowledge of the fabric of curtains and drapes and how to handle them while cleaning.

In fact, with the advent of new techniques in this area, we don’t need to take the curtains down, and easily carry out the cleaning process. With the use of the latest tools and equipment, we do provide the best services in entire Adelaide.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Adelaide

Hire trustworthy services from us. The topmost curtain steam cleaning Adelaide services provider is available in Adelaide. You can call us any time to know more about services. We are open on weekends also. Feel free to call us anytime, we open throughout the year for our clients. We have a reasonable rate for steam cleaning services based on the type and size of the curtains to be cleaned. Call us now to find out more about our steam cleaning services. 

Due to high durability, we opt for the steam cleaning process of curtains. This process takes less time and gives the best result. The process for the steam cleaning is as follows:

  • Firstly, we always carry out a pre-inspection process. This helps to ascertain the point of damage done.
  • The next step involves the selection of a proper cleaning detergent or chemical with a non-toxic property, which does not affect the fabric of the curtains and drapes. We make sure that our services cause no harm to the environment with the use of harsh and inorganic chemicals.
  • The third step is the removal of spots and stains by using various methods like
  • The next step is most important where extraction is done using powerful equipment to extract the dust particles, pollens, dirt stuck on the material of the curtains.
  • As a final step, we prefer to deodorize the curtains, so that no foul smell is left behind. And this finishes our work with a post-inspection session.

Expert Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtain hanging on the open windows fighting against sunlight and dirt are certain to get dirt and stains on its surface. The sunlight affects the dirty and stained curtain and increases its damage rate. Cleaning your costly and fancy curtain without many guidelines could not be a good option. Get it cleaned by professionals from Squeaky Clean Rugs who are highly experienced in this service and know what care to be taken while cleaning them. Experience in work cleans the curtain perfectly without having any damage to it.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Professional Curtain Cleaner in Adelaide:

There are many benefits of hiring professional curtain cleaners. And here are the benefits of them:

  • A professional curtain cleaning service provider will clean the curtains professionally with no blunders.
  • Professionals use the latest tools and effective cleaning solutions.
  • You will get the qualitative services at a reasonable price.
  • You can hire them in commercial areas too.
  • Same day booking service.
  • Available on all days of the week.
  • Professionals are time punctual and deliver the best results.

Why Hire Us?

  • It’s been more than 20 years for us to be working in this company of curtain cleaning Adelaide
  • We are profoundly reverent in this business, and our customers are never disappointed with our assistance.
  • We offer our services at a low price.
  • You can also get incalculable beautiful blind patterns like roman blinds, Venetian blinds and motorized blinds.
  • Our quality work made us different and reliable from the other companies. 
  • We also have cleaning facilities on the same day.
  • We have a committed staff, as well as professional technicians.
  • You can also call us on weekends as per your need we will help you the best way possible.

Get Fresh and Clean Curtains in Adelaide

Squeaky Clean Rugs help you clean your curtains and in gaining the sparkles back. Our expert carpet cleaning professionals help you preserve the original colours and shine of your curtains. Additionally, we also provide spring cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, and the likes!

Get in touch with us to know more!

Curtain Cleaning Adelaide
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