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Squeaky Clean Rugs provides safe and efficient mattress cleaning services to both private and commercial customers. Carpet cleaning Beaumaris team offers mattress cleaning services at the best prices in the area. The mattress cleaning is done with ultra modern, powerful and yet safe equipment. Our company offers cleaning services for all kinds of curtains. Our professionals are certified and well trained to use advanced equipment and techniques. We use professional, safe and eco-friendly detergents in all the cleaning procedures in order to keep your fabric safe.

Benefits of opting us:

  •       On-time appointments;
  •       Fully trained and certified staff;
  •       Special attention on spots, odors and stain;
  •       Complete customer satisfaction guarantee;
  •       No hidden charges

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Carpets – an essential component of your houses are somewhat notorious in nature as no matter how much you vacuum, they end up accumulating bacteria and allergens. And when things get out of control, carpet repair is the only option left in your hands. But how do you know whether the person you contact for your carpet repair is professional or not? Not only everyday situations but your carpet might also get spoiled due to unexpected natural disaster such as flood which creates an immediate need for water damage restoration or flood restoration depending on the seriousness of the situation. This is when Squeaky Clean Carpets, Beaumaris comes in to picture.

How Do I Remove Ink Stains From My Carpet in Beaumaris?

If you have dropped ink on your carpet or rug, no need to worry, there are some immediate solutions we have for you. Always keep isopropyl alcohol available at home for the purpose. You will get it in some of the local stores that sell chemicals. For removing the ink stain, dampen a piece of cloth with isopropyl alcohol and dab on the stain. Don’t scrub, as it would only spread the stain, try and soak the stain the chemical. Use more of the chemical if you think that the stain it too deep. Repeat the process until the stain disappears. Once the cleaning is done, make sure to blot dry or vacuum dry the area. Some of your hair sprays or Nail Polish removers can also be used if you do not get isopropyl alcohol.

What makes us Expert in carpet steam cleaning?

What makes Squeaky Clean Carpets Beaumaris different from rest of the agencies is our expertise, team, and dedication in making a difference! Our team comprises of experienced technicians who are well versed in this sector. Another remarkable feature that defines us in the market are our skill, honesty and integration among our employees who deliver their best in providing customer satisfaction.

We provide an end-to end solution while delivering results. Squeaky Clean Carpets Beaumaris provides both wet carpet cleaning and drying. Apart from this we are well versed in carpet repair that have suffered damage due to unpredictable natural conditions such as floods. A team of experienced technicians and professionals provide flood Restoration, end of lease carpet cleaning, carpet water damage clean-up and flood water damage

Our carpet restoration and carpet repair services are undertaken in tried and tested procedures that employs best machinery and product in the market. Carpet cleaning solution, carpet stain protection, carpet stain removal, carpet sanitizing, carpet sewage restoration and are some of the basic services that almost every household needs at some point of the time. Apart from these, carpet fire and smoke restoration is one specialised service provided by Squeaky Clean Carpets Beaumaris for extreme carpet damage caused due to fire.

If you think that’s all, then, you are in for a surprise! We believe in delivering what is best and needed at the time. Our list of services is incomplete without our Carpet Repair and Re-Install and carpet structure drying facilities. So, by now you must be clear that when we say we deal in carpet repair business we mean end-to-end solution to all carpet related issues.

What You Must Know About Beaumaris

A very interesting thing about Beaumaris is the castle. It is an unfinished piece of a masterpiece which people come to visit from all across the world. There is a lot of history and culture which surrounds the place.

Case Study

A couple of days back one of our customers called us to avail the service. Our team reached the spot in no time. The customer claimed that she was awed by the promptness and quality of service Squeaky Clean Rugs team provided.

Beaumaris Carpet Cleaning Services Procedure

Step 1.
Our team of qualifies experts will conduct a pre-inspection of areas that require cleaning and gravity of the damage caused to your valuable carpets. The team will, then, advise you with the best possible cleaning process to ensure your rest of the assets such as furniture is not damaged.
Step 2.
Pre-vacuuming is the first step which is conducted using an industrial vacuum cleaner with a power brush to remove stubborn dry soils from the carpet.
Step 3.
We prefer using specialised non-toxic stain removers to avoid any discomfort to you and your family. Also, each individual stain is treated as per the stain and carpet type.
Step 4.
High-tech machines are, then, brought into picture. They deliver high heat and greater vacuum power resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets.
Step 5.
Lastly, our experts will groom your carpet which reduces the drying time and provides you with normal-comfortable-life.

Why Choose Squeaky Clean Carpets Beaumaris

Our professionalism makes us stand apart from rest of the carpet cleaning services in Beaumaris.  So, if you are still dicey whether to choose us or not, read on to find out more about us:

  1. Cost-effective Services – Squeaky Clean Carpets Beaumaris, provide the most cost-effective carpet cleaning services to our customers across Beaumaris.
  2. Licensed Professionals – Nobody likes calling an untrained person for any kind of service. Our team is well equipped with machinery and are licensed to deliver carpet cleaning services which ensures that are customers are satisfied with what is being delivered to them.
  3. Industry Experience – We have more than 20 years of industry experience that makes us unmatchable to any other similar service provider.
  4. High-Tech Technology – We feel pride in telling our customers that we have high-tech technology to deliver the premium and safest carpet cleaning to our customers.
  5. Eco-friendly Solutions – We use non-toxic cleaning agents ensuring our customers that they are absolutely in safe hands.

So, if you are in search for professional carpet cleaning expert for your home or office, spend no time looking here and there and book an appointment with Squeaky Clean Carpets, Beaumaris today.

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Expert In Stain Removal

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Squeaky Clean Rugs services to anyone. These guys are experts at removing all types of stains from the carpet. I have never seen a wine stain coming out so easily out of the carpet. I must say they are highly experienced and can remove all the types of stains in no time. They are just wow. I have no words to express their service. I am very very thankful to the team of Squeaky Clean Rugs. You guy are working really well. Keep up the good work.
- Samuel

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