5 Silverfish Infestation Signs to Watch Out For

Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish infestation is quite a common problem, found in almost all households. Owing to their small size, they can be pretty hard to detect. To get rid of the problem however, you need to look out for signs that indicate about their infestation. The longer you ignore the problem, the more severe it becomes. The more quickly you identify the problem, the better it is to kick them off your home.

Silverfish Pest Control
Silverfish Pest Control

Here are a Few Ways That Can Help You Detect Silver Infestation at Home-

You Witness Silverfish

Most of the times home dwellers have a misconception about the looks of silverfish! They often confuse it with some other creatures. This might even lead to anxiety. A Professional Pest Control in Canberra company is your safest bet to identify the problem.

One of the best ways to identify it is to actually see properly. Silverfish is a silver, slippery creature with multiple legs. Also, keep in mind that they multiply rather quickly. Once you are sure of their infestation, only then will you be able to deal to carry out silverfish control effectively.

Silverfish Droppings

The main thing that helps you identify any kind of pest infestation is the droppings. Silverfish is no exception. Silverfish droppings are somewhat similar in resemblance to bugs. Black in color and spherical in shape, their fecal matter is in the form of peppercorns or pellets. While it might be a disgusting thing to devote your time to, doing so would certainly help you identify the type of pests. Look out in places such as boxes, food bags, and even books and papers, etc. Pay special attention while looking for it and do not mistake it as grime or dust.

Shed Skin

Silverfish have a tendency of shedding skin especially during the ‘nymph’ stage of life. Given their small size, their skulls and husks often go unnoticed. While it’s common for them to get ignored, you must look closely. Their skins are most likely to be discovered in spaces such as kitchens, basements, bathrooms, etc. These are also the places where these pests are most likely to build their homes. Hence, finding any signs of an infestation would also help you get rid of them later.

Yellow Stains

Another tell-tale sign of silverfish infestation is yellow staining.  This is a common sight, especially at places where these creatures mostly hang out. Don’t mistake it as a sign of urination. Yellow spots can be found on clothes, books, papers and even wallpaper. If you spot the same it’s high time that you take apt action against it! Since they live in dark, moist places, finding yellow stains might be a bit difficult.  A check around such areas, however, would give you a fair picture of their infestation.

Professional Pest Control Service
Professional Pest Control Service

Hire Professional Assistance of Pest Control Services

Silverfish control is doable but it involves identifying and being sure of the problem in the first place. Hence, you must follow these steps for finding signs of infestation. Only after that you must carry out the main task of extermination. Once you are sure of the infestation, avail professional silverfish control services of the Squeaky Clean Rugs.