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Why Cleaning Curtains On Own Gets Difficult For Homeowners

by Thomas

So you are off shopping to purchase items for your home decor and you come across a tiny shop selling all kinds of curtains. However, it becomes difficult to choose the right curtain because they’re all just so beautiful! After spending an hour, you find the right ones for your living room. Eureka!

Oh, but you still have to choose the curtains for your bedrooms and kitchen!

Curtains play a huge role when it comes to home decor. Not only does it help keep away harmful and unwelcomed sunlight, but it also helps regulate the room temperature, keeping out the dust particles, improving the room privacy (from some irritating neighbors, you know!) and not to mention, the beauty that it adds to your room!

As you may have experienced, it’s quite a painful experience to find a curtain of the right size, color, and fabric for your home. But, do you know what’s even more challenging? Cleaning them. And staying consistent with it.

Curtain Cleaning Services
Curtain Cleaning Services

Curtains act as a temporary wall. It is natural that they attract a lot of dust just as the walls do, in and out. And, if you have a cheerful pet running around in the house, the curtains would be full of the pet hair at the end of the week. The curtains also absorb smells easily. Smells from outside and inside the house (especially the kitchen smell!). With all the hassle that your curtains go through, it becomes necessary to clean them regularly or your home decor will tarnish!

Curtain cleaning methods are different based on their material and color. Choosing the right cleaning method is essential to prevent your favorite curtains from getting destroyed (and mind you, curtains are costly!). So, before you choose a cleaning method, you shall have to research the right method based on the material, size, and color.

There are so many cleaning methods in the market that one can definitely get confused as to which one to choose or which one will work for them!

Here are Some Facts About Various Cleaning Methods:

  1. Machine Wash:

    This method works for cotton, linen, polyester and their blends. Choosing this method requires attention for a lot of things including:

    1. Putting the right settings on your machine, 
    2. Choosing the right kind of spin cycle,
    3. Choosing the right kind of water temperature (in the worst-case scenario, you may end up shrinking your curtains!),
    4. Choosing the right kind of detergent, and
    5. Choosing the right kind of drying environment.

Even using the machine dryer is a risky bait sometimes, especially if the material is prone to difficult creases.

  1. Dry Cleaning:

    This method works for heavy materials that are difficult to dry when put in water. The worst thing about dry cleaning at home is to find the right amount of space to put out the entire curtain on a flat surface. It also becomes difficult and tiring to maintain the consistent and right amount of distance of the device from the curtain so that the material remains dry! Also, good dry cleaning devices are quite costly and need regular maintenance (as if just the curtains maintenance wasn’t enough!).

  2. Mechanical Hand Wash:

    This is the safest of all the curtain sanitization methods but also the messiest! Imagine spending an entire Sunday afternoon hand washing your delicate curtains when you could have easily spent that time relaxing in front of a TV. This method takes hours of your time and leaves you quite tired and irritated to enjoy the rest of your free time.

Curtain Dry Cleaning Services
Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

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