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Tag: Carpet Cleaning

10 Useful Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning Techniques

by Thomas

Cleaning the carpet completely and removing the stains that are deeply settled is not an easy thing to do. But then you cannot ignore cleaning the carpets as it is not an easy job to do. You will have to clean the carpets regularly in a very proper manner in order to create a fresh […]

How to Shampoo a Carpet?

by Thomas

Carpets do the promising job of adding the look and comfort to your home. These are one of the most essential things that your home needs. But, maintaining and keeping the carpets clean is also essential, so, the home and the environment stays healthy and fresh. Cleaning the carpet with the vacuum is a regular […]

How To Remove Gum From The Carpet?

by Thomas

People enjoy chewing gums throughout the world but often they don’t take care of their proper disposal. Make sure you always throw your chewing gums in the dustbin, not on the floor or carpets. Chewing gum as its sticky and can get permanently fixed to the fibres of the carpet and as the time goes […]

Getting Rid Of Oil Stains From The Carpet

by Thomas

Oil stains on the carpet can be very nasty and annoying to you. As the exposure to oil and grease not only damages the quality of fabric but permanently damages the nature of the carpet. Oil stains can trap a lot of mud and dirt over time and lead to decolourisation of the carpet. Also, […]

Steps For Carpet Deep Cleaning

by Thomas

There are some reasons why we choose to deep clean a carpet. Either the carpet gets dirty or you just want to clean it to give it a fresh and new look. Moreover, in both the cases, the procedure remains the same. Also, all the stains, dirt or dust will completely go, this method is […]

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