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Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena specialised in same day rug steam cleaning services. Our Rug cleaners work same day 24 hours in emergency !!! Dirty rugs may contain bacteria, fungi and Mould. Our Rugs Cleaning process use hot water extraction method which will remove mould from your rugs instantly !!! In case of Flood Damaged Rugs Restorations our rug cleaner can reach your residential or commercial property within 1 hours of the booking !!!

Steam Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Steam Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Why Professional Rug Steam Cleaning is Important?

Don’t take your rugs for granted. They perform an important function day in day out. They absorb the dirt from our shoes and the spills from our food without complaint. So maybe it’s time to show them the love they deserve at your local rug wash, cleaning Murrumbeena service.

The original rug cleaning Murrumbeena-based company (established in 1997) will take care of it for you.

Home Rug Steam Cleaning Murrumbeena

Squeaky Clean Rugs is the most renowned and trusted rug cleaners in Murrumbeena offering specialized and professional rug cleaning services in Murrumbeena.

Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Rugs Steam Cleaning Murrumbeena

Our professional team offers deep cleaning solutions, customized as per the material of the rugs and the cleaning needs. We ensure that the rugs are impeccably clean devoid of soil, dirt, dust and debris looking fresh and new.

Rug Laundry Murrumbeena

Our cleaning company provides 24X7 rug cleaning services in Murrumbeena to add more convenience to you. So theres no need of sparing time from your busy schedule to drop the rug at our workshops. All the cleaning can be done quickly at your home itself.

Just call us at our 24X7 number PHONE NO. 1300 362 217, our Murrumbeena team will arrive your doorstep to clean your rugs thoroughly and provide the best rug cleaning service in Murrumbeena in affordable prices.

Affordable Rugs Cleaner Murrumbeena

Why do I need a professional rug cleaning service?

It is often tempting to clean rugs at your home yourselves. However, that could backfire. Rugs require gentle but effective cleaning to get rid of dirt without damaging the delicate fabric. A professional rug cleaning service with trained technicians offers you this at a small and affordable price.

Before After Rugs Cleaning Company Murrumbeena

Before After Rugs Cleaning Company Murrumbeena

What type of rugs do you clean?

Absolutely any type and made from any fabric! From Oriental, Persian, synthetic, wool, cotton, silk to woven, coir and fur rugs, our team is well trained and equipped to offer professional rug cleaning services for any and every type of rug.

Professional Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Professional Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Rugs Cleaning processes in Murrumbeena

We use vacuum and steam cleaning process with special cleansers and cleaning agents that are tough on stains and gentle on the fabric. Our exact processes depends on the material of the rugs and the cleaning needed.

Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Flood Damaged Rugs Restorations Murrumbeena

We offer 24X7 on-site, same day and emergency services. You can avail our services at any point of your convenience by just giving us a call. Our expert team then provides you the services right at your doorstep.

Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena

Rugs Cleaning Murrumbeena Team

Our team at Squeaky Clean Rugs consists of only talented, knowledgeable and experienced rug cleaners. Our entire team is dedicated to ensure utmost satisfaction in each cleaning assignment for our customers. All of us belong to Murrumbeena and we aim to provide the best of rug cleaning services.

  1. David is very familiar with the Northern suburbs of Murrumbeena and hence he delivers rug cleaning services in this part.
  2. Ryan takes rug cleaning requests in the Eastern suburbs of Murrumbeena.
  3. William uses his skills and experience to fulfill expectations of customers from the Western suburbs.
  4. Oliver takes care of the entire area of the Southern suburbs for all rug cleaning related services.

Steam Rug Cleaners Murrumbeena

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Complete Rug Solutions

Are you looking for professional and affordable rug cleaning solutions in Melbourne? Do you wish to keep your precious rugs intact, lovely, and as good as new? Would not it be great if someone could just magically remove all stains from your favorite rug? If you wish to get a smooth rug cleaning service then Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne is the place for you. We have the best rug cleaning solutions for our domestic and commercial clients. Whether it is a home or an office, we are highly equipped to handle all kinds of requirements.

We aim to give our customers a pleasant experience with rug cleaning and to make their task easier and simpler we have all rug related services at one place. Your expensive rugs need special attention and maintenance and we at Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne provide just the right kind of extra ordinary service your exclusive rugs deserve.

Our Squeaky Clean Rugs Services

Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne is a 20 year old company delivering excellently quality rug cleaning services and other rug related solutions. With us you don’t have to worry about your precious and lovely rugs as we have the true expertise and enough experience to take complete care of your rugs.

Our rug cleaning services consist of the following:

  1. Rug steam cleaning
  2. Rug dry cleaning
  3. Persian rugs cleaning
  4. Oriental rugs cleaning
  5. Rug stain removal
  6. Rug water damage restoration
  7. Rug sanitization
  8. Rug repair

At Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne we are even equipped to handle minor rug repairs if required. Our guaranteed results ensure that you get the finest possible results from our rug cleaning services. Give a new life to your expensive rugs with our exclusive and economical rug cleaning solutions anywhere in Melbourne. Call us and we will get it done!



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Rejuvenate Expensive Rugs

If getting back that original look of your rugs back is on your mind then come to us – Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne. We are a leading rug cleaning service provider in Melbourne and have been catering to different kinds of rug related services throughout all suburbs of Melbourne for more than two decades.

Wish to know more about us? Read on…

Squeaky Clean Rugs – Rug Cleaning Process

At Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne we provide both rug steam cleaning as well as rug dry cleaning. Considering the rug quality and the amount of cleaning required, our experts suggest one of these processes for your rugs. Rug steam cleaning includes:

  1. Inspection
  2. Dry vacuuming
  3. Stain removal
  4. Hot water extraction
  5. Pile setting
  6. Drying
  7. Deodorization

On the other hand, rug dry cleaning includes:

  1. Initial inspection
  2. Hi-tech vacuuming
  3. Washing with least possible water
  4. Post vacuuming

Absolutely clean rugs are achieved in both the cases and this is our guarantee!

Squeaky Clean Rugs – Why Choose Us

Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne is a renowned company providing flawless rug and carpet cleaning solutions in Melbourne. We are equally equipped to cater to the customized requirements of our domestic as well as commercial clients. We offer professional, friendly, affordable, and prompt rug cleaning services. All our rug related solutions come with guaranteed results ensuring that you get value for money when you choose our experts. We work with only certified cleaners and licensed professionals to give you the finest and safest services. And be assured that you will be offered the lowest price rates for rug cleaning available in Melbourne.

Squeaky Clean Rugs – Our Services

Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne offers you complete rug cleaning solutions. We have a complete range of services with us for our customers. Our services comprise rug steam cleaning, rug dry cleaning, rug stain removal, rug water damage restoration, rug repair, and whatever your rug requires.

Contact Us

Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne is available 24x7x365 for its valuable customers. You can contact us any time of the day whenever you need a complete makeover for your valuable rugs. We will get it done in the best possible manner!

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Melbourne’s Rugs Experts

5 5 1
I would like to call them rugs experts because they are truly so. We made a call on Thursday and by Friday we were given an appointment for the coming Monday. The rugs were taken to their workshop and we got them back right on scheduled time – utterly cleaning and smelling just like new rugs. Congos to the whole team.

Best ever same day service

5 5 1
I called Mark in absolute panic a friend had spilled cola on my Egyptian rug. He sent someone around straight away and I was assured all the marks would come out. I was a bit unsure at first but once the cleaning started I was totally amazed. I will recommend this service to all my friends and family. Well done guys great effort.


5 5 1
Yesterday I had all my carpets and rugs steam cleaned. Could not believe the result was so pleased my carpets and rugs look like new again.would highly recommend these guys

Commercial Rug Cleaning

5 5 1
We called them for our Melbourne office and were really satisfied with their carpet cleaning services. They didn’t affect our work and did their job as quietly as possible. The carpets at the office have been thoroughly cleaned and repaired, wherever it was required. When we had the bill for the complete service, we were surprised to see such a reasonable amount. Thanks Squeaky Cleaners!

Complete Rug Stain Removal

5 5 1
Thank you Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne for complete stain removal from our antique rugs. We would like to give your reference to anyone looking for quality rug cleaning.

Rug Restoration

5 5 1
All of my precious old rugs have been beautifully restored by the Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne team. I am grateful to them for a wonderful cleaning experience. – Jessica

Offsite Rugs Cleaning In Melbourne

5 5 1
I was not very sure of sending my precious and expensive rugs to some offsite laboratory but Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne convinced me and promised a satisfactory clean. And I am so happy to say that they did a splendid job! I am going back to them for my carpets as well.

Carpet Cleaning: Happy with Their Service

5 5 1
Quick response, quality service, affordable cleaning service, eco-friendly cleaning agents and contemporary cleaning methods are some USPs that make Squeaky Cleaners Melbourne stay a step ahead of their competitors. Steam cleaning carpets, carpet repair, carpet dry cleaning to carpet water removal – they do it all!

Complete Carpet Solutions

4 5 1
We are glad to have found Squeaky Cleaners that provides complete carpet solutions. Now we do not have to worry about our expensive carpets during a party where spilling of liquids and kids spoiling the carpet is much common. We just call the experts at Squeaky and get rid of stains and odors from our carpets.

Immaculate Persian Rugs Cleaning

5 5 1
Squeaky Clean Rugs delivered an immaculate Persian rugs cleaning at my home two days ago. I would definitely try them again for my other carpets too.

Rugs Cleaning Melbourne

5 5 1
Squeaky Cleaners offers a highly professional and expert rug cleaning in Melbourne. I have been using their cleaning services for a long time. They not just clean but are also equipped for water extraction – be it washing machine flooded carpet or roof leak on carpet. Thanks to them, we have been saved from losing our very expensive carpets.

Carpet Cleaning and Repair

5 5 1
My wife was very disappointed when she found that her favorite rug in the living room has been ruined. We were not sure if it could be repaired at any cost. We tried our luck by calling Squeaky Cleaners Melbourne. They not just repaired it beyond recognition but also cleaned it in a spick and span manner. We were amazed and definitely recommend their services to all!

Our First Choice for Rugs Cleaning

5 5 1
We are a commercial company owner and have numerous cleaning jobs. We are in look out for professional service providers that can do the job promptly. We find them highly efficient, attentive, and professional in giving attention to all details in an excellent way

My Treasured Rug Restored

5 5 1
My grandfather’s rug was restored very nicely by Squeaky Clean Rugs Melbourne. I was not sure how to keep it clean and nice anymore but these guys help me retain my family’s traditional rug. Happy to have found them. – Scott